A little bit about our team members


Steve Malone, Founder and President



Steve, the founder of Healthy Horizons for Children and Families, has been an emergency medical services paramedic since 1984 (Ret as of 2014). Since 2002 he participated in more than 34 missions worldwide, 30 of which were in Honduras. Steve took his first trip to Honduras in February of 2003. On that first mission, after just a couple of days in Honduras, he was touched by what he saw and by his emotions; at that point he knew that this trip would be the first of many more to come! He remembered saying, I dont want to just go back home and only talk about this experience for the next six months; I need to do what I can to help. Steveand his wife Sharon also lived in Mexico for one year 2014 to 2015, where they work closely with the people in the community near  San Vicente Guerrero. They quicly realized that educationsupport for the young and old was very important and badly needed. That is why shortly after moving back to Canada they decided with the support of the board of directors to support a local charity called OASIS to help in opening a small after scholl program in one of the small community.

On Novemeber 7, 2005, Rotary International awarded him the Paul Harris Award in recognition of his International humanitarian work.

On September 12, 2011, Steve received the Governor General of Canada Exemplary Service Medal, in recognition of his dedication and outstanding service to those in need, both here at home and around the world.

On March 14, 2012 received the Long Service award from the Emergency Medical Services Chiefs of Canada in recognition of my contribution to emergency medical services and dedication in serving others.

On November 15, 2013 Graduated from the University of British Columbia with a certificate in International Development . On February 17, 2014 He received recognition from the Honduras Red Cross for 11 year of service in the country. He was recognized for not only serving the Red Cross, but also for being of service to all people in the country.

Steve believes that many things can be accomplished in Honduras and Mexico with the support of the Canadian people, and the support of both Canadian and Honduran/Mexican organizations. He also understands the importance of creating local partnerships with groups in Honduras/Mexico and will always keep in mind that, even though we are going there to help, we are always going there as guests, and we need to respect the local culture. We are there to serve


Mexico operation Partner for OASIS Las Avas



Karly Dallas was born in Texas but spent the second half of her childhood in North Carolina. At the age of 13, she went on her first trip to Baja California, Mexico to visit an orphanage. That trip left her with a permanent desire to dedicate her life to service. She continued going on short-term trips to the same area in Baja throughout her high school and college years, helping in medical clinics, community development, and programs for kids. After graduating from Pepperdine University in 2011 with Bachelors degrees in psychology and Spanish, Karly moved full-time to Vicente Guerrero, Baja California. A month later, her and a friend founded the Oasis After School Program which provides tutoring, hot meals, mentoring, and other resources to over 100 children and their families. Karly is now serving in her fifth year as the director of the program and looks forward to opening additional Oasis programs in other areas.

Sharon Malone Director


Sharon has been working as a registered Massage Therapist for the since 1996. She has run her own practice since 1998 and has lots of experience in managing a small business. Her greatest motivation to serve, is to improve the conditions for the children living in Honduras and Mexico one at a time!Sharon is the one behind the scene, she is the bookkeeper and proof ready Steve posting! (If there is spelling mistakes, it is because he did not wait for her to review it before it was sent or posted!!). She has traveled to Honduras on a few missions already and loves the country and the people of Honduras.She feels like the people of Honduras have so much to offer us and feel privileged to serve them. More recently Sharon lived in Mexico near the small community of Las Avas. She really enjoyed serving in the community and hope to return someday to comtinue serving these wonderful and loveing


Edie & Graham Pett, Directors















Dr Lesly Carolina Hernandez Shachez, Medical Director in Honduras


Dr Shachez serves as our Medical Director in Honduras since 2010. Dr. Carolina Hernandez is from Honduras, she was born in the capital city and studied medicine in Cuba, graduating in 2005 with a General medicine degree and in 2007 she also obtained an internal medicine degree. She returned to Honduras in 2009 and currently has a medical practice in a small village of Jesus De Otoro. She is a great addition to our health programs in Honduras and we are very pleased to have her as part of our organization.







Tom Hebert


Tom has been living in Honduras for just about 25 years. Originally from Wisconsin, he first went to Honduras as a volunteer for Peace Corps, working with beekeeping and protected areas management. Later, among other things, he worked for eight years as an elementary school teacher in a small bilingual school. Presently he divides his time between the work with his bees and teaching at the school. In addition to helping Healthy Horizons, he has also helped many other medical, dental and eye glass brigades, primarily as a translator.