Healthy Horizons for Children and Families is about:

Serving those in poverty by offering support that helps save lives, bring hope, and restore dignity.  


September 10, 2016
Cocktails from 6 PM and dinner to be served at 7 PM (approx)
Formal dinner attire
1368 Uppers Lane, Thorold, ON

Click the picture below to see our video of brigade of February 2014


Click the picture below to see our report about our Brigade that took place in February 2014



Would you like to have a life changing experience?

Our next trip to Honduras is TBA

Cost of trip $1,100.00, plus the cost of your flight to Honduras 

  Remember part of your trip is tax deductible!


Take a trip with us details click here and to make a donation for this mission click here

This assistance is provided without regard to religious beliefs, gender, or ethnic background.Honduras is one of the poorest Central American countries.  Over eight million people live there, and a large portion of the population lives without the most basic necessities, such as  food, water, shelter and basic health care. 
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We are a small organization, but we can make a difference with your help!


Click the above picture to see a video  about a brigade

Click picture above to see our ten year celebration title: "Hope Runs Eternal"
by Dan Laroche
To view our  mission report of April  2013 click here 


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